• Statement

       It is often said that Descartes’ famous dictum, Cogito Ergo Sum , or I think therefore I am , is the central point of view that defines and shapes a modern sensibility. Implicit in that famous phrase is the notion that we are the architects of our own identity and that refashioning our person, and persona, is in our own hands. Iranian women, both inside the country and in exile, are an excellent example of this notionÍž their day to day struggle for sociopolitical transformation and their hopes for the future is the biggest inspiration for my work.

       Alongside our collective struggle for change as women, all of us have our own individual perspectives, lives, impressions, sensations and experiments. I strongly believe that this is our individuality that makes our struggle invaluable. Hence Hushed Wail aims to present not only a collective sense of Iranian female identity, but also to explore the complex individuality of a person who is constantly striving between her past and present, ancient and modern identities.