We wake up everyday and experience the world as we did the day before. We get up, change, brew the tea and pour it into our favorite cup, water the flowers and read the newspaper. This cycle repeats every day, and it becomes the “reality” of our lives. This repetition and continuant experience makes objects ordinary or perhaps prosaic; it makes us believe that our perception of the world is certain and that there is no other experience, as there is no existence out of our sensing. However, there are times that we see and feel everything differently just for a moment; and in that moment the objects of mundanity would perceived differently.  I do not know how long that moment lasts, but I know time is again one of those concepts that there is no measure to it. That moment may last for a fraction of a second or perhaps eternally. When one experiences this moment, one would wish to find a way to save the sense, to make it frozen and preserved to remember.  
My photo series “Preserved To Remember” is an attempt to reenact that strange and unexplainable aspect of life when one senses the objects and the world differently.
Mundane objects of everyday life are capable of becoming connections and bridges between different world of perception. They lose their physical sense in our mind and we begin to acquire a new and different kind of knowledge around them.